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We help support Minnesota’s Medical Device Manufacturing industry. Our projects frequently involve catheters, implantable devices, drug delivery products, and their associated regulatory standards.



Our experiences include molding, extrusion, web handling, dispensing, and many others. We’ve automated processes such as machine tending, leak testing, assembly, quality testing, and foreign material inspection.



KAMP spun out of a global electronics manufacturing company. We have been designing and building equipment to automate electronics since the beginning. Soldering, welding, assembly, RF testing, and many more.



We’ve worked with industrial products such as water pumps and valves, hydraulic components, films, adhesives, and abrasives. Applications include web handling, assembly, fastening, material handling, and packaging.


| ”Science can amuse and fascinate us all, but it is engineering that changes the world.”

– Isaac Asimov

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